I Dare You You Won't

John Resch

First blues tune and artist you heard?

That’s a tough one. Could’ve been “How Blue Can You Get” off BB King’s Live in Cook County Jail

Most memorable blues performance?

Muddy Waters at the old Black Stallion in downtown Bettendorf

Favorite blues artist past/present?

I guess I have a soft spot for ol’ McKinley Morganfield, AKA Muddy Waters. For current performers I’m really liking Christone “Kingfish” Ingram and Selwyn Birchwood right now.

Best blues performance venue/event?

Is this a trick question? Mississippi Valley Blues Festival!!!

What does the blues means to you?

I believe the blues, done properly, is an authentic expression of ones emotions. Good or bad. Happy or sad. Again, done properly and respectfully, it means the preservation of an original American art form and homage to the early pioneers who suffered to bring it to fruition.

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You Ain't Getting
Out of here
without Singing
The Blues