I Dare You You Won't

To Celebrate Black History Month, MVBS Has Produced a Series of Videos on the History of Blues Music

Thank you for your interest in blues music, a significant part of the cultural heritage of African Americans that has influenced all American music. As you are aware, February is Black History Month, an especially appropriate time of year to learn about blues music and its’ role in the history of America.

Featuring blues musicians, Kevin Burt and Hal Reed, who, as African Americans have first and second-hand knowledge of the development of blues music in the rural South as well as in urban areas of this country. Also featuring nationally-recognized blues musician and historian Robert Jones, an African American from Detroit who has made a life-time study of the origins and development of blues music. Our most recent addition includes Joe and Vicki Price armed with a joyous, disarming demeanor and the ability to play the doors off most anyone else in the room.

Teachers and Educators:

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Vault Videos

Robert Jones

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When I First Came to This Land — Robert Jones

Work, Play, & Freedom — Robert Jones

Five Notes, Many Voices — Robert Jones

Blues Roots — Robert Jones

The Blues — Robert Jones

Blues Branches — Robert Jones

Vault Videos

Kevin Burt & Hal Reed

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Heartbeat of Africa — Kevin & Hal

Wheels on the Bus — Kevin & Hal

Blues The Universal Language — Kevin & Hal

12-Bar Blues — Kevin & Hal

Vault Videos

Joe & Vicki Price

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Joe & Vicki Price — Vault Session 2021 Part 1

Vicki & Joe Price — Vault Session 2021 Part 2

Joe & Vicki Price — Vault Session 2021 Part 3

You Ain't Getting
Out of here
without Singing
The Blues