I Dare You You Won't

Dave Klockau

First blues tune and artist you heard?

Thrill is Gone, BB King

Most memorable blues performance?

BB King tour in 2012? Hancher Auditorium Iowa City. He traded off playing tunes and telling stories. It was really a music and spoken word performance.

Favorite blues artist past/present?

Past: BB King. Present: Duke Tumatoe

Best blues performance venue/event?

Duke Tumatoe at Captain Kirk’s at the Ft. Madison IA Marina, 2003. Every seat was empty because everyone in the place, possibly 300 total, were on their feet dancing and cheering. Even the cook came out of the kitchen to cheer him. THAT’s how you perform the Blues.

What does the blues means to you?

Pure human emotional release, Mad, Sad or Glad

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You Ain't Getting
Out of here
without Singing
The Blues